Narrow Path

A narrow path to the village house between the paddy field and a very long way.

If the picture was taken in the 50's - 60's maybe it is a matching statement but nowadays, the path only function as a border between the paddy field owners. But you can still get to the village house if you insist.

I used to walk on the path which was called 'batas' and always full of small land leech. You have to be hurry and careful or you will drop into the  paddy field or 'bendang'. If it is still full of water, then you will get stuck with the big water leech. I always have 2-5 small leeches stuck on my calf while walking on the 'batas' or trying to set my fish snare or 'taut' on it.

Nowadays, there are no more leeches because of the poisons. And there are also a short numbers of fishes in the paddy field. I guess people nowadays just buy their fish at the markets, not like me.

I miss the good old days!


Anonymous | December 19, 2011 at 4:50 PM said...

Beautiful! Remember the old days also when i used to play with my brother in the paddy field when the harvesting season start. Wonderful Days!


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