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Hi! As you already aware, some of my photos and digital works are for sale.

A wide range of license are offered for your use under a different rates and conditions apply to the photos or digital works that are featured in my website. I used :
  • platform to manage all the printing purchasing process
  • to sell my photos/images for standard and extended license format
  • CafePress for all my digital work (collectible items). 
I also supply larger digital images of the photographs on my own and these will normally be process by email once an order has been placed and payment has been settled. You can also find some of my photos or digital work for sale in Photo Stock provider such as Fine Art AmericaBigstock and 123RF. For the purpose of promotion, sharing and easy access to most of my photos/digital work, i used Flickr platform.

Finding a Photo or Digital Work
Pictures can be viewed using the Category Index or directly browsing my photos as you wish. You can also use the Search feature to narrow your specific subject such as wedding, light, book, women, children etc. You can click on the thumbnail or the title to proceed to the photo page for more details and larger view.  You can also browse my Digital Work to check my creative design collection that I sell by myself and these will normally be sent by email once an order has been placed and payment has been settled.

If you like to go straight to the photos/images on sale, click the 4SALE! link.

If the photos are small, you can always click the photo itself to make it larger in new window. Usually the size for all the photos in this website has been reduced to 800 pixel wide / height. And of course for copyright purpose, all the photos are watermark. But do not worry as the photo that you choose to purchase will be un-mark and in the size you choose.

The photos on this site are only a small part of the photographs that I have available. If you are looking for a subject or category that is not covered on these web pages please Contact Me for further information.

For Digital Work, you can directly browsing them using the Category Index under the type of digital work such as Banners, Vectors and Template or go to Digital Work page.

How To Buy?

Once you have selected the photos or digital work that you want to use or buy ;
  • 1. If you want to print the photo, choose the link provided to 
  • 2. If you want to download my photo/image, click on the link
  • 3. If you like to get the photo/image personally through me, contact me through email or HERE . The items that you purchase will be delivered based on the type of format you choose by me through email.
Using My Photo or Digital Work

Please ensure that you understand the Terms & Conditions that relate to the category of use that you choose. This conditions also apply for the use of my Digital Works where necessary.
Important : Read the Licensing Terms HERE!

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